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Buy Myagen

Discovered in the late 1950s, Myagen is an extremely powerful steroid which shows strong androgenic and even stronger anabolic effects. Its composition includes Methyltestosterone plus one more methyl group at the C7 position. The addition of this group makes it behave differently from other testosterone based steroids.

Athletes and body builders buy Myagen as it produces considerable weight gains. Sports people also buy myagen as it is known to induce performance enhancing abilities. Athletes and body builders use Myagen primarily to gain weight during the bulking cycles. By using Myagen, the athletes and body builders can see a marked improvement in their muscle size and muscle gains. This happens because Myagen has the property to retain nitrogen. Nitrogen is important for the development of muscles and the more the body can retain nitrogen, the bigger is the size of the muscles. 

Side Effects of Myagen

Whether its medicinal drug or performance enhancing drug, it comes with certain side effects which the user must be aware of before buying. Awareness of the side effects ensures user tries his/her best to avoid them. Especially, when it comes to performance enhancing drugs staying with the recommended cycle and using the prescribed dosage is important because unlike medicinal drugs the side effects of performance enhancing drugs are severe and sometimes irreversible. Just like other steroids, Myagen also has certain side effects which you must be aware of before you buy Myagen. Following paragraph will discuss these side effects.

Myagen produces amazing muscle and weight gains but this gain is accompanied with water retention. Water retention is one of the side effects of Myagen; the water collects under the skin so the muscles lose their hard well defined look. The female athletes and body builders are advised to stay away from Myagen as it produces strong Virilization effects in women. In Virilization women develop male characteristics like deep hoarse voice and increased body and facial hair. The breasts also shrink while the clitoris in women enlarges. Cessation of menstrual cycle is also a side effect of Myagen. In males the prolong use may cause a lot of problems for example gynocomastia in which men develop abnormally large breasts. In males, the body may stop producing testosterone hormones as well which may cause infertility in men.

Buy Myagen Online

Developed in 1950, Myagen was quite popular among athletes and body builders. It was commercially available as Bolasterone but then somewhere in the 1980s; the production of Myagen was discontinued. However several years later, Myagen was again circulating in the market but it was a substandard copy of the original steroid which did more harm. Even today you can buy Myagen on the black market but again you are at a risk of buying sub-standard drug or even a total fake. Using low quality steroid will cause harm and not only shatters your dreams of having a superb physique but will also take you to the brink of health problems. Therefore buying the quality product is important to ensure you get the best return on the money you have spent to buy that drug.

If you want to buy Myagen which is of pure quality then you should purchase it from the online pharmacies. Myagen is now being made by Geneza Pharmaceuticals and is available on the online pharmacies. The online pharmacies are valid license holders and buying steroids from them is quite legal. Plus when you buy Myagen from online pharmacies, they keep your personal details confidential and they also offer you the option of paying either by credit cards or Western Union or Paypal. The online pharmacies also offer steroids at a reasonable price. You can also get a fabulous discount if you buy Myagen in bulk from online pharmacies. You must be 18 years old or above to buy Myagen. You only need to fill a form and choose the payment option; your steroids will be delivered to you safely. Hence as compared to offline buying, buying steroids from online stores is easier, faster and convenient. Next time you buy myagen, or any other steroid for that matter, go for a reputed online pharmacy and rest assure you get the product as safely and as discreetly as possible.